Lian Hu Mixed-Use Development

Country: Xian I P.R. China

Status: Planning Submission

New Mixed-Use Development comprising 10 Apartment Blocks, a 42-Slorey Office Tower, a 28-Storey SOHO Tower and a 6-Storey Retail Podium. The Xian Lian Hu project is a large-scale mixed-use development localed in the western sector of the ancient city. When completed. the complex will consists of a 100,000 sqm 6-slorey shopping mall, a 42-storey office tower, a 28-slorey 600 units SOHO tower and 10 blocks of residential apartments. Nestled within a very tight site of an old neighbourhood, site planning was particularly challenging as the overall layout of the internal roads and buildings has to response lo multiple constraints posed by surrounding building structures.